ASPC has a global community of coaches who believe that coaching is not only a great way to make a living, but it is a transformational way to help others in any role that involves challenging others to grow including parenting, teaching and leading. Being a part of ASPC means you not only have a career, you also have a joint calling to bring coaching to the world.

All students work directly with our school founder, Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, Johns Hopkins trained psychologist and ICF certified coach.

Every graduate receives two certifications: The Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation as well as a specialty designation of their choice:

  1. Certified Life Coach
  2. Certified Executive Coach 
  3. Certified Health and Wellness Coach   
  4. Certified Spiritual Coach
  5. Certified Leadership Coach
  6. Certified Career Coach
  7. Certified Relationship Coach
  8. Certified Business Coach
  9. Certified Transition Coach
  10. Certified Integrative Sports Coach

Every Certified Professional Coach (CPC) student receives:

  1. 60 ICF Classroom Hours (Classroom or Virtual)
  2. 10 ICF Mentorship Hours
  3. 2 Certifications Completed Within 6 Months (Certified Professional Coach and 1 Specialty Certification)
  4. All Course Materials
  5. Build Your Dream Business Training and Coaching for 1 Year

Your Coaching Specialty

You do not need to know what your specialty will be before starting our Certified Professional Coach (CPC) program.  We will help you figure out what will be the best fit for you, which may include choosing multiple specialties.  In addition to specialty certification, all students receive one-on-one mentorship from successful coaches who help them set up their dream coaching practice.  It is this deep commitment to your success that sets ASPC apart from other programs that mainly focus on your certification but then leave you to fend for yourself when it comes to building your dream practice.  ASPC makes sure you have all the tools you need to make your vision a success including a personal relationship with your mentor and trainer. Our trainers are not coaching “academics,” they are all real-life coaches with successful coaching practices who will share all their secrets to success with you and take you under their wing.  

Not ready for any major commitments at this time? Check out our low-cost Intro to Coaching program.

We believe that coaching is deeply meaningful work, because coaches help individuals, groups, families and organizations to connect with their deepest purpose and goals.  At ASPC, our goal is to help our students make their dreams of building successful coaching practices a reality.  Our coach training is developed by a leader in the coaching field, Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, a board certified clinical psychologist, serial entrepreneur and master professional coach.  Dr. Rosenbaum’s curriculum will show you how to truly change lives using the power of professional coaching. After learning how to coach like a pro, we will teach you how to build your dream around helping others achieve breakthroughs.  Your dream is to make a great living doing what you most love: Coaching others to achieve their dreams.  We get that, and our program is centered around helping you achieve that success.  You get the highest level of personal attention from masters in the field who care about your success because their names are on your certificates!  Your success is very personal for us.

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ICF Accredited

Our program is accredited by the international gold standard for coaching, The International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Click here to view our ICF accreditation.

At ASPC, every student is trained by a master life coach in a real classroom in small groups. The mentorship relationship is at the core of our training which has students practicing coaching skills with other students during our intensive classroom training.

ASPC’s Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Program is an assessment-based training program and our coaches are tested and trained with high quality training.  The program’s focus on quality training allows it to fit into even the busiest lifestyles:  the training is flexible and allows you to work the requirements into your schedule. Classes are held in a live intensive course format in Jacksonville, Florida and in Washington, D.C. and globally via our Global VIP Mentorship Program, which allows you to take our program in a one-on-one mentorship with one of our master trainers from anywhere in the world, allowing for maximum time and location flexibility.  Students are able to join ASPC as a student any time they wish and continue learning with us for life.

But learning how to be a great coach is only the beginning of what you will learn at ASPC.  You will learn how to create the success and abundance in your life as a professional coach that creates more options for you than you have ever dreamed.  Graduates of our program become world-class influencers who are sought out for their coaching around the globe.  To find out more – Call today to speak to a Master Certified Life Coach – (800) 680-5762 or email us at