ASPC’s Certified Master Coach (CMC) Program is designed for advanced coaches who want to take their training and credentials to the next level and who wish to train others in some capacity in coaching skills.  Candidates must have completed the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Program and demonstrate a mastery of the ICF’s Core Competencies in an observed coaching session prior to admission to the CMC Program.  Once admitted, students 125 hours of ICF approved training, assist with training of CPC students and, with the assistance of their mentor, design Original Coach-Specific Content as their unique contribution to the coaching field. Graduates of this program receive ASPC’s highest level of certification: Certified Master Coach (CMC).

The primary focus of the CMC program is learning how to transfer advanced-level coaching skills to others.  Master Coaches find formal and informal opportunities to demonstrate and teach others the skills used by coaches to transform others’ lives.  Master Coaches serve as community models of service and leadership, raising public awareness of the power and professionalism of coaching.

Cost: $4,875 (Includes materials, registration, tuition, Master Level Certification with 125 hours ICF credit). Students who are accepted to this program are sent a personal payment link to register for the course.

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