ASPLC’s Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Program was developed over many years to be one of the most powerful training experiences available to those who are interested in helping others transform their lives. Training is conducted in small groups in a live or virtual classroom setting with master coaches who guide participants through ASPC’s powerful and life changing curriculum. Participants leave our program with the ability to help others find their own best internal solutions to their challenges and opportunities.

The key to being able to do this is learning a skill we call Transformational Listening – the ability to listen so well and so deeply that the minds of our clients are ignited with novel and creative ideas and solutions that previously did not exist. We live for those moments when our clients have those breakthrough “ahas!” – when everything becomes clear and our clients know exactly what they want and they know how to get it.  Most of us think that coaching is about telling others what to do, we think that if we give the perfect piece of advice, then our clients will gain clarity. But great advice is not what most people are missing.  They can get advice from a million different places, and none of them will quite hit the spot. This is because advice is not what they were really looking for.  What they were really looking for was someone who would ask powerful and thought provoking questions and who would then listen so deeply and attentively to what solutions flowed from these amazing questions.  This is what we teach in the CPC program.

The CPC program consists of 60 ICF approved coach-training credit hours and 10 mentorship hours with an ICF certified coach (group and one-on-one).  The program is delivered in an intensive training format.


Students register for the training date of their choice and receive course preparation materials via mail and digitally. Students then complete a 3-hour orientation, a 3-day weekend training, a 3-hour practice session, a second 3-day weekend training and then work individually with their ICF certified mentor.  These trainings take place in person at one of our training locations: Jacksonville, FL or Washington, DC or virtually via our Global VIP Mentorship Program.  See our schedule page for upcoming training dates.

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