The 5 Levels of Listening: Becoming a Transformational Listener

This powerful ebook, written by Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, Director of The American School of Professional Life Coaching and CEO of uThink, Inc., will take you inside one of the most powerful interpersonal tools being used in the coaching field today: Level 5 Transformational Listening.  Dr. Rosenbaum gives you an insider look at this foundational component of his Life Coach Training program which has been adapted for organizational use by The U.S. military and Fortune 500 companies.  An outstanding introduction to Transformational Listening by the leading expert in the field of Coaching and Human Potential.  Learn how to harness the 5 Levels of Listening to help others achieve their highest potential in both the personal and professional fields.  Learning how to draw out the inner wisdom contained within each individual is what makes Life Coaching the second fastest growing industry in the United States today.  Having these skills will transform your ability to get the best out of others in all areas of life.

Learn the 5 Levels of Listening:

1. Interrupting

2. Waiting

3. Mirroring

4. Sensing

5. Transforming

Then learn the 3 Principles of Level 5 Listening and begin practicing the most advanced communication system being used in the coaching field today.  Level 5 listening works because it draws on the wisdom contained within each individual and allows clients to find their own best solutions.  These are the solutions which are truly transformational.  With great listening comes great thinking and with great thinking comes great results.

Get your copy of this transformational book and begin practicing Transformational Listening today.

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