The Business of Coaching: Making Money as a Professional Life Coach

Brought to you by Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, Founder and Director of The American School of Professional Life Coaching (ASPLC.ORG), is this powerful guide to succeeding in the life coaching marketplace. In it, Dr. Rosenbaum shares:

  1. The 2 things every coach needs to succeed as a professional life coach.
  2. The 2 principles of running a financially successful coaching practice (note: you have probably never have even heard of these principles).
  3. The 3 questions every coach must answer before they can succeed as a professional life coach.
  4. The 3 steps Dr. Rosenbaum used in his own coaching and training practice for unbelievable marketing results.

And as a bonus:

How to answer the question: “So, what do you do?” in a way that will convert skeptics into client referral sources almost every time.


Here is an excerpt from the book:

“This eBook is designed to share with you some of the key lessons I have learned from my own experiences, the experiences of my peers, mentors and student as it relates to The Business of Coaching. It is intended to be a guide for you to use to build your ideal business, making money doing what you love. The simple and powerful marketing method I will share with you here has worked wonders for me and is tried and tested by thousands of people. In fact, I find that when people follow the two (yes, only two) steps I am about to share with you, they quickly get fully booked and they become a part of the successful 4%. Everybody wants a piece of them and coaches get into a flow where it feels like people are throwing money at them for their services. When they ignore either of these two steps, their coaching practice becomes stale and starts to wither and they get enveloped into the unsuccessful masses, the “tired 96%.”

 You will get a PDF (529KB) file