Our Intro to Coaching Program will give you the confidence you need to know you are making the right choice with becoming a Professional Coach. Learn directly from our school’s founder, Dr. Elliott Rosenbaum, the foundations of coaching skills and building a successful coaching business with all the forms and knowledge you need to get started on your way to building your dream.
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Here is what you get with this package:

·      The Intro to Coaching Audio Session. Listen to Dr. Rosenbaum introduce you to the amazing field of coaching. A great place to start.

·      A Coaching Session Sample:  This Coaching Session Sample will help you get a good picture of what a brief but complete coaching session sounds like.  Dr. Rosenbaum made this recording with a woman whose dream is to open a non-profit for children but she is having some issues getting started. It demonstrates having a Beginning (What do you want? Why do you want it?) a Middle (How will you get it?) and an End (When will you do it?).

It also demonstrates the Four Pillars of Coaching:

1.     Transformational Listening
2.     Asking Powerful Coaching Questions
3.     Designing an Action Plan
4.     Accountability

The package includes:

  • The Coaching Questions List  and accompanying Coaching Questions Audio Session:  This is where most new coaches get stuck.
  • The Coaching Mandala Printout and Audio Session where you learn how to assess what the client most needs to work on.
  • ABC Worksheet and Audio Session. Learn how to help clients use their thoughts to create the emotions and actions that will lead to their success.
  • The Coaching Agreement & The Coaching Intake Form and Audio Session. This is the initial paperwork for each client.
  • Client Profile and Personal Development Plan (PDP) and Audio Session.  This is paperwork you need to help your clients stay on task.
  •  Sample Solution Oriented Coaching Question List and Audio Session.  What a full session looks like.
  • SMART Goals Form and Audio Session.  This is one of the driving forces of coaching – having clear goals that are measurable and providing our clients accountability to get them done.
  • Core Values Work Audio Session, List of Values and a copy of The Valued Self.  Help your clients find their core values that will guide them in the right direction for the rest of their lives.
  • The Business of Coaching eBook. What you need to know to build a thriving coaching practice.

I hope you enjoy this On-Demand Intro to Professional Coaching Program and that you find your bliss in this work as many other coaches have. Here’s to your success!

Buy Now ($397)


You will get the following files:

  • M4A (22MB)
  • M4A (14MB)
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  • M4A (9MB)
  • M4A (11MB)
  • M4A (19MB)
  • M4A (6MB)
  • M4A (15MB)
  • PDF (197KB)
  • M4A (36MB)
  • PDF (60KB)
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