ASPC offers a number of specialty certifications.  All students complete the 60-hour Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Course and then may choose a specialty which will be the focus of their specialty practicum.  While the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) program trains students in the foundations of coaching which are applicable to all specialties, our Specialty Certifications add a secondary level of certification and a business direction for our graduates. The following are a list of Specialty Certifications offered by ASPC.  One specialty is included in the CPC program though multiple specialties may be chosen.

  1. Certified Life Coach
  2. Certified Executive Coach 
  3. Certified Health and Wellness Coach   
  4. Certified Spiritual Coach
  5. Certified Leadership Coach
  6. Certified Career Coach
  7. Certified Relationship Coach
  8. Certified Business Coach
  9. Certified Transition Coach
  10. Certified Integrative Sports Coach

Specialty Certification Cost: The first specialty is included in the Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Course cost, additional specialties are an additional $600.00 investment per specialty. The Certified Professional Coach (CPC) Program must be completed as a pre-requisite.

See below for additional information on these specialties:

1. Certified Life Coach – Life Coaches work with individuals and groups to help them find their own best solutions, and focus heavily on personal dreams, goals, life mission and purpose.  They provide accountability to make sure that goals become a reality.

2. Certified Executive Coach – Executive coaches often have personal experience in the corporate realm and feel comfortable working with executives to help them think clearly about their personal and professional goals.  Executive coaches often use different assessment tools to help their clients better understand their personalities and the personalities of those they work with.

3. Certified Health and Wellness Coach – Health and Wellness Coaches have a particular interest in health and wellness and often have backgrounds that give them specialized knowledge in health and wellness.  What separates coaches from consultants is that coaches in this area have the added skill set to help each client figure out a plan that makes the best use of the science in a way that will work best for them. Consultants can only advise.  Coaches can inspire.

4. Certified Spiritual Coach – Spiritual coaches help clients think through their spiritual needs and provide support for their clients’ spiritual journey and goals.  Unlike conventional religious guides, they do not preach to their clients but offer an open space for clients to reflect on what their highest spiritual calling will look like.

5. Certified Leadership Coach – Leadership coaches primarily work with leaders to help them become better, more effective leaders, often by teaching them how to move from traditional “command and control” to a “coach-approach” to leadership.  This may include teaching leaders how to coach rather that manage or supervise. This is transformational because most people greatly dislike being “managed” or “supervised,” but we all love being coached by people who care about us and want to help us maximize our potential.

6. Certified Career Coach – Career coaches excel at helping others move away from having a tireless stream of “jobs” into an exciting career that stems from clarity of our strengths, prime motivators and interests. Career coaches often utilize personality assessment tools that help their clients clarify these core drivers. Clients walk away from great career coaching with more that they expected: a sense of what their true calling is.

7. Certified Relationship Coach – Relationship coaches help clients identify what they are really looking for in their relationships.  This may include working with dating or pre-dating individuals who have a goal of moving forward towards a truly satisfying relationship.  It may also include working with couples to help them identify their dreams and goals as a couple and designing an action plan with them to make their relationship great.

8. Certified Business Coach – Business coaches work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business goals.  Business coaches generally have experience with running successful business and blend their specialized business knowledge with coaching skills, helping their clients dream big and build their dream businesses.

9. Certified Transition Coach – Transition coaches help clients who are in a transitional phase of life make decisions that will bring them satisfaction in their next phase of life.  This could be working with people who are post-divorce, newly retired, between careers or any other important transition people may be making in their lives.

10. Certified Integrative Sports Coach – Integrative Sports Coaches combine their specialized sports knowledge with the skills of professional coaching to help their athletes thrive both in their sport as well as in their personal lives. Sports coaches play an important role in the lives of the athletes they coach and professional coaching skills can help their athletes take their game to the next level by engaging their minds as well as their bodies in creative and thought provoking conversations that lead to coaching breakthroughs and “aha-moments” that inspire athletes to maximize their true potential.

To learn more about ASPLC’s Specialty Certifications call (800) 680-5762 to speak to a Certified Master Coach.